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Shane Webb: Current Blow It Up & Generator Drummer - Former Shinedown Drummer - Former Puddle Of Mudd Drummer

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Unleashing The Ultimate Journey

Into the Legendary life of Shane Webb

We are thrilled to announce that Shane Webb, the renowned musician known for Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown, Tried By Twelve, Vanilla Women, Generator, and Billy Glisson is embarking on an exciting new direction. Brace yourselves as Shane unveils a fresh musical direction, showcasing his unmatched talent and captivating artistry like never before.

Join Shane on his social platforms to witness the birth of this extraordinary new journey:

Instagram: Shane Webb (@tbone_drums) for an exclusive look into his career. From studio updates to glimpses of his creative process, you'll be captivated by his musical evolution and discover the inspirations behind his new sound.

YouTube: Subscribe to https://youtube.com/@Tbonedrums to experience his breathtaking solo performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and intimate interviews. Get ready to be enchanted by his raw talent and witness the evolution of a true musical genius.

Spotify: Immerse yourself in Shane's music on Spotify. Follow his music to stay updated on his latest releases, delve into his carefully crafted playlists, and explore the sonic landscapes that define his unique style.

Official Website: Visit www.ShaneWebbDrummer.Com to dive deeper. Explore his biography, discography, upcoming tour dates, and be the first to receive exclusive updates on new music, merchandise, and special fan experiences.

Social Media: Connect with Shane on other social media platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. Join the community of passionate fans and share your excitement as Shane embarks on this extraordinary adventure.